What software do I need to customize your templates?

In order to customize our projects, you will need Adobe After Effects

Do your templates come with tutorials?

Yes, all of them do.

What can I change in the project?

In most of our After Effects projects, you can customize almost every aspect of the project, unless stated otherwise. Usually, the only element that might not be customizable would be pre-rendered 3D footage, in which case would be noted in the project details.

What is the Download File Format?

It is a zip file that contains the After Effects file and folders containing all of the assets used in the project. They are all pretty simple. However some level of After Effects knowledge is required.

How can I use the project?

It is a “pay per use” policy. You just can’t resell or upload them for free sharing in anyway. Under no circumstances may you provide any asset contained within the product .ZIP file, to anyone other than yourself for use of any purpose.

Can I change some of the graphics?

Yes, you have the freedom to change it the way you like.

What if my Render fails due to image buffer errors?

Many times HD projects will fail on render due to image buffer errors or file size. Try doing the following: Change the AE secret preference to purge after 1-4 frames. To access the secret menu Hold SHIFT while accessing the edit menu/preferences. The “Secret” menu appears. Another way is to render in frames like PNG, TGA, etc. so that even if the project crashes you would still have some frames rendered then you can continue to render new frames.

Missing source file error?

Sometimes After Effects can’t locate the source files due to the change of location. Easy way is to right click on the missing file and click replace file then locate the file in one of the folders. Once one missing file is located then After Effects will automatically find the rest of the missing files.