We can provide everything, from custom design to rendering services

In the interest of building and maintaining positive relationships with our clients we have adopted the approach of using a billing process based on hourly rates.


If you decided to purchase one of our templates, but don’t have After Effects, or don’t know it well enough to customize it, we provide customization services for any of our projects, based on your requirements.

Hourly Rates for Template Customization:

Our Template Customization rates begin with a flat fee of £125 (the initial 2 hours) and then are billed hourly based on the scale below:

    • Level 1 (2-5 hours) : £70/hour
    • Level 2 (6-10 hours) : £65/hour
    • Level 3 (over 10 hours) : £60/hour

Once you’ve contacted us regarding your project, we’ll provide you with a quote on how much time your project will take to complete, so you know exactly what to expect. The larger your project is, the more you’ll save.

Pricing Example:

Level 1: If your project is quoted at 3 hours to customize, the total cost of customization will be £195 (£125 flat fee + 1 additional hours @ £70/hour = £195)

Level 1 project example here

Level 2: If your project is quoted at 7 hours to customize, the total cost of customization will be £450 (£125 flat fee + 5 additional hours @ £65/hour = £450)

Level 2 project example here

Level 3: If your project is quoted at 11 hours to customize, the total cost of customization will be £665 (£125 flat fee + 9 additional hours @ £60/hour = £665)

Level 3 project example here

Requirements for project customization:

    • Brief description of customization (by your description we will calculate the price for customization)
    • Your logo (in vector format,.ai , if possible)
    • Your text
    • Your images or videos
    • A link to your website or an image/design so that we can match the colors (for templates that support this option)

Payment therms:

After discussing the project details with you, we require a 50% deposit before starting the work. The other 50% will be sent only after the video is finished.

In customization price is NOT included the price of VideoHive item! First you have to purchase project from and then send me a message from my Profile page.


For customers with high end requirements and unique design needs that go beyond our standard design packages, we offer custom design services.

Our Custom Design Service rate is typically £75/hour.


We can help get your animation rendered faster by providing rendering services for any of our After Effects templates. Depending on the project, we can render and return the final animation to you within 72 business hours.

The flat Rendering Service fee is £100, plus additional cost depending on the size of the project being rendered. We’ll give you a quote before starting your render, so you know exactly what to expect.